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    Some kinds can also eat away plastic over electrical wirings therefore they are also responsible for electrical faults. For these pest control NY problems a company like Exterminator NY is extremely important. Life loss due to the collapse of buildings can occur if the problem of termite infestation is left unattended for a long period of time.

    Ants also have an impact on vegetation which means they can infest kitchen gardens and ruin certain plants that have been lovingly grown by people.

    Children can be left severely anemic and even the pets would eventually die because of blood deficiencies. Fleas can drive dogs practically mad which is why it would be put to sleep anyway.

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    That is quite the case when it comes to faulty wiring, allergic reactions, coughing spasms, powdery substances around the furniture and aggravated breathing and asthmatic problems; this is all because of termites. Though the link between electrical wiring and termites seems odd but "super termites" are the super man genre in termites for the right reasons. They can even chew their way through the plastic that covers copper wires.

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