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    Some kinds can also eat away plastic over electrical wirings therefore they are also responsible for electrical faults. For these pest control Rockland County problems a company like Exterminator Rockland County is extremely important. Life loss due to the collapse of buildings can occur if the problem of termite infestation is left unattended for a long period of time.

    Rats can even bite humans. Their bite is dangerous and might require medical help. For children it can be fatal precisely when infants are especially appealing for rats because of their flowery smell.

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    Piermont, Sloatsburg, Summit Park, Pearl River, Central Nyack, Parkway, Airmont, Cedar Flats, Kaser, Lake Lucille, Suffern Park, Quaker Park, Bardonia, Pomona Heights, BulsontownThe members of team undergo extensive training before they are left to deal with infestations. The use of chemicals can be risky so we ensure that whoever is out in the field knows what they are doing.

    This is disturbing to the environment because it creates a competition between the ants already living there. Ants can even bite. Their saliva contains formic acid which creates intense itching and welts on the skin. Some ants can be poisonous. Especially in infants, ants can cause deaths because of their poorly developed immunity system.

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